Security breaches in your business: what you need to know

Depending on the nature of your business, a breach in your network security can be one of the worst things to hit your company. Any breach will always come out of the blue and if you aren’t prepared the cost to repair your systems can cripple small businesses.

Ways into your business’s network can come from anywhere and can happen even if you think you are taking security measures. Far better to let an experienced testing team, such as NCC, make sure your company is secure from threats with network security software.

Penetration testing

Probably the best way to test your system’s vulnerability is by simulating an attempt to breach its security. NCC has a team of experts in this field who will run your system through rigorous tests designed to check for things such as how easily the infrastructure is penetrated, the security of applications used, and the security of the wireless networks and any wired ones. For the best security for your company, it could be worth getting a thorough test done.

Coding review

Applications with security loopholes in their coding are some of the most at-risk ways of getting your system attacked. Most off-the-shelf anti-virus applications out there are built on hindsight and can only stop threats once they have been made aware of a particular one.

NCC Group believes that the building of secure applications without loopholes is a far better practice, which is why they will review the code in your company’s programs, work with your development team, and find ways to fix any potential security risks at the source.

Security software

The NCC Group has a range of software designed to protect your system from security threats in all the different software areas you use. If you have had a thorough system check or even are just opting to purchase them without then these items of software will keep your network running with a far reduced risk of a threat.

The software available includes vulnerability scanners, which track down weaknesses in the infrastructure and quickly assess the level of vulnerability.

Auditing software allows full security and control of online applications in use by your business and is a more advanced version of the standard antivirus applications out there. There are also scanners available for databases and network links to make sure every area of your system is checked and double-checked for threats that could bring your business down.