How Technology Is Helping Businesses Improve Customer Service

The next time you go into your favorite store, or shop with your favorite online retailer, take a look around. The chances are, you will see a lot of technology in use that is helping to improve your experience. Of course, it’s people who are at the heart of customer service, and technology alone won’t help. But, make no mistake about it, modern gadgets and software programs are making things a lot better and easier for the consumer. We’re going to take a look at some of the ways that modern businesses are using tech to improve their customer service performance.

Data management

All consumers have priorities and preferences in life. And, they will often ignore everything that they find irrelevant. This is a perennial problem for businesses, as it means they are throwing money at people who just aren’t interested. So, the advances in data management and analytics have been a boon – not just for businesses, but also for consumers. The ads we see online are more likely to be relevant to our habits. And, of course, it is a cost-saving process for all types of companies.


Self-service cash registers have a mixed reputation. Some people refuse to use them as they take away some of the services they believe they are paying for. However, others are happier to use them and get out fast if it means they don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes queueing up in a line before paying. But, regardless of any personal thoughts, it’s a question of choice – and wherever there is a choice, people tend to be happier.

Phone payments

A lot of forward-thinking stores are accepting payments from phones these days. Head into a modern store, and you are likely to see staff members running around with EMV-compliant payment processing handsets. Again, it means that the customer avoids the queues, and gives them more options for how they want to pay. And, for the business, it means that they can make their sales in a much quicker way, allowing staff to move on to the next customer.

GEO Location

When you want to stop somewhere for a nice cup of coffee, what do you do? In days gone by, you would ask someone – and hope that they are both local and have excellent taste in coffee. However, these days, you might do things a little differently. You can check your map software of choice, browse through some of the options, and find the perfect coffee shop that matches your needs. For customers, it’s instant gratification, and for businesses, it’s a chance to get more people through the doors.


Before the Internet took over the world, your customers could come and see you during business hours. These days, however, it’s a different story. There is always the opportunity for a sale, either from your website or via your social media channels. Being available is just about the best thing you can offer your customers. And modern online tech is giving businesses the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition.