Do You Know About the Biggest Football Rivalries of All Time?

FC Barcelona was established in the year 1899, while Real Madrid FC was founded in the year 1902. Popularly known as the ‘El Clásico’ rivalry, the two clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid have battled against each other around 270 times, with FC Barcelona winning around 41% in comparison to Real Madrid’s 37% wins, with around 22% of the matches ending in a draw. This intense rivalry dates back to the year 1902, when they first competed against each other.

This famous rivalry has dominated the football grounds since 1894. The two clubs have played more than 190 matches, with Liverpool’s wins being somewhere near 33%, and Manchester United registering a win in 40% of the matches. Around 27% of their games have ended in a draw. Liverpool was founded in the year 1892, and Man U came into existence in 1878.

Centennial Rivalry: Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Chelsea is named the most disliked club by Arsenal fans, Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s rivalry is more than a hundred years old. They have been competing against each other since 1907-08, and have played almost 200 matches against each other, with Chelsea winning around 32% of the time, and Arsenal 38%. The remaining 30% ended up in a draw. Chelsea was established in 1905, and Arsenal in 1886.

This fierce rivalry dates back to 1913, and the two rivals have played around 210 matches, with Boca Juniors having an upper hand with close to 37% of victories, and River Plate with around 33% of victories. Around 30% of their matches have ended up in a draw. Boca Juniors came into being in the year 1905, and River Plate in the year 1901.

Soccer’s Biggest Country Rivalries

Popularly known as the ‘Battle of the South Americans’, the fierce battle between these two countries was first fought in 1914. Since then, around 100 matches have been played between the two, both winning an equal number of times, and only 25% of the matches were drawn. Brazil played its first international tournament in the year 1914, and Argentina played its first in 1901.

Iberian Soccer Rivalry

With approximately 40 matches played since 1921, Spain has won almost 50% of the matches, and Portugal only 17%, with 34% of the games being a draw. Spain’s first international match was in the year 1920, whereas Portugal first participated in international soccer in 1921.

North American Soccer Showdown

Dating back to 1934, USA and Mexico have played close to 70 matches with each other. The USA has been victorious in around 52% of the games, with Mexico at only 21%. 27% of their matches have ended in a draw. USA’s international debut was in the year 1885, and Mexico’s debut was in 1923.

Classic European Football Clashes

1899 was the first time when these two teams competed against each other. Over the decades, they have faced each other roughly 30 times, with both countries having an equal amount of wins, and draws being around 17%. England first participated internationally in the year 1870, and Germany in 1908.

These two mighty Asian countries have combated against each other near about 800 times, since 1954. South Korea has won around 52% of the matches, with Japan only at 18%. 30% of their games have ended in a draw. South Korea was introduced to international football in 1948, and Japan’s first match was in 1936.